Horse Cart 144 in Bagan is a cooperation in the areas of transport and social entrepreneurship between the Swedish/German travellers Hans Hassle & TobIas Geimer and Mr. Kyaw Tun of Taungbi Village i Bagan. Together we run this business to proove that everyone can do something for the future and that sharing can lead to great change. We are social entrepreneurs, we were the first Europeans of that kind in Burma. In Horse Cart 144 you will meet a local hero, U Kyaw Tun from Taungbi Village.


HassleGeimerTravels offers experiences in Bagan open for everyone. Come and visit - you are warmly welcome to travel with us, or just visit us in Bagan. You will experience original local life, the inside of buddhist monasteries, learn about buddhism and mediation (if you are interested) and much more. Of course we take you to the temples and beautiful scenery in the surroundings. We arrange the program, stay, transports and everything else you ask us for.