Last millennium, some time in 1989, Hans Hassle took an initiative to save an old industrial monument in the region of Dalarna in Sweden. It was a huge limestone quarry where generations of his ancestors had worked, now being said to shut down to become a crayfish farm. The quarry, then named Draggängarna, is situated in Siljansringen - the largest meteorite crater in Europe. Hans' grandfather used to show him how you could see that ”all the mountains and all the ground was overturned 360 000 000 years ago when the meteorite hit the Earth.” Hans' vision was to use this crater to create a sound and light show telling the amazing story of how a cosmological event created local livelihood for generations and generations of people, and how all of them finally had created that huge hole in the ground where you could actually study the effect of the big bang that happened so many years ago. Also, it was a marvellous place for a stage, and as audiovisual equipment were to be installed anyway, should be used for concerts. After working together with the municipality and the owner of the quarry, being sponsored by the two Swedish companies Telia and Ericsson, Hans introduced the concept publicly in 1991 under the name of Meteorum - aiming at letting the whole world know that this is probably the most exciting and beautiful place worldwide if you are interested in geology and the universe. Here, you can experience the feeling of touching the universe…

A couple of years later Hans Hassle had to leave the project due to differences between his values of how it should be realised and how local entrepreneurs viewed the same thing. Meteorum then became Dalhalla, an arena focusing on opera.

Many years later, in 2009, Hans was asked to come back to the project to see if his original ideas could still be implemented. Today evolution is a strategic partner to Meteorum and Hans Hassle is as a member of the Steering Committee. Meteorum is slowly developing from where it once started.

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