Business as Usual is Over— The Red Capitalist, e-book

The demand for a renewal of capitalism is great and must be implemented as soon as possible. Society is based on economic drives, and economic considerations will ultimately determine the future. The system we use today to support the world rewards greed, shortsightedness, and fear. It is not possible to continue on the same path if we want to see sustainable progress. We need companies that are built with a deep understanding of the responsibility they hold for the common good, companies that are not fixated solely on their own profit and that can manage to find a balance between commercialism and idealistic principles. Companization is a new and modern variant of a corporation, where maximum competitiveness is achieved through voluntary accountability, full transparency, and democratic control. Hans Hassle’s ideas are revolutionary and challenging. Read this thought-provoking book and be inspired. The time is ripe for a new political business entity, or shareholding Company 2.0. Business As Usual Is Over.

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